Ascension Events

The Sound Healing Spa is an experience unique to Northern Ireland. Suitable for both children and adults, our Sound Baths have been welcomed as a hugely calming experience for all involved. Previous events at the Belfast Mela and charity outdoor events have seen great demand for the Sound Healing Spa, as a fitting alternative to the often over-bearing mania of festival events.

As participants relax with their eyes closed, a range of soothing sounds are played through tuning forks, crystal bowls and gongs, as the appropriate vibrations of the sound work to heal and relax the body in utmost serenity.Curated by the team behind the Sound Healing Spa, our ‘Ascension Events’ are an upbeat and energetic contrast to the spa, creating an ascension experience through the power of healing sound. The Ascension Event is a modern and forward-thinking alternative to Sound Healing, and the first ‘Chakra Dance’ event at the Belfast Mela was a roaring success.

As well as the hugely uplifting experience of the sound, the Ascension Events also place a special emphasis on visuals and imagery, as the sound travels through the body’s different energy centres, it’s Chakras.’

The events are hugely environmental, influenced by the energy of participants, as well as the time of day. Daytime events are often a more laid back style of performance with live musicians and percussion, however as the evening progresses, the event gets excitingly more raucous and energetic!

The Sound Healing Spa and Ascension Events can be delivered across Ireland, the UK and further afield upon request. We can tailor our programmes to suit a variety of events or programme, regardless of venue; the events can be delivered in tent, hall or gazebo! Alternatively, the two events are suitable for a day, night or all day festival, or as part of a retreat programme. Get in touch and see what we can do for you!

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