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Tessa Ann – The Frequency of Everything



Sound healing is a form of vibrational healing or vibrational medicine and is also known as Sound Therapy.  It can be experienced in many different environments, including as part of a group session, as a one to one complementary therapy, or as self practice to reduce stress and improve overall well being whenever needed.

Author Tessa Ann has worked in the area of sound and music for over 20 years. She now combines this love of sound with her passion for wellbeing and complementary therapies to practice as a Sound Therapist in her business The Sound Healing Spa.

In this book The Frequency Of Everything through reading the meditation within the book and listening to the accompanying CD or downloadable recordings you will be able to experience the letting go and strengthening of your energy with the power of vibration through healing sounds.

Includes over 40 minutes of sound healing recordings

“I played this meditation for my group and they were really relaxed, with a sense of clarity which helped them connect psychically. A great success over all”

Michelle – Belfast

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