Vibrational Energy Medicine

Energy Healing

Vibrational Energy Healing

At the Sound Healing Spa we deliver energy healing sessions using a combination of energy healing systems based on the clients requirements.

Types of modalities that can be combined are Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Reiki, Seichem, Kwan Yin and Shamanic Healing Work.

Vibrational Energy Healing is very powerful working on many levels: physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. It is performed by the ‘laying-on of hands’ and/or scanning of the energy field (aura) just above the body, whilst the client remains fully clothed on a massage couch or seated in a chair. All systems complement each other, as they work with (Yin / Yang – Feminine / Masculine).

They are delivered as standalone treatments as required.

All Vibrational Energy Healing Sessions are further enhanced by the use of healing sounds.

Please contact for further information.

One to One sessions

Price – £30 – (1 hour session)

Length of Session

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