Tessa has worked in the areas of sound, music and personal development for 20 years. Having founded the Beat ‘n’ Track Music Education Centre in 2003 beatntrack.co.uk she has delivered various music programmes and events, through which she has mentored and inspired individuals of all ages and walks of life to pursue their dreams in music.

Her love for music and the power of sound was evident, as Beat ‘n’ Track provided workshops to people within their communities, as well as setting up charity events and bringing people together through the joy of music.

As working with sound in a positive way is important to Tessa, she has brought a new aspect to her work, through ‘The Sound Healing Spa’, where she delivers a range of Sound Therapy sessions to individuals and groups, as well providing it as a relaxation zone to festivals and events. The Sound Healing Spa has been showcased at charity and community events, receiving great feedback on it’s ability to relax and reinvigorate people in equal measure.

“I came to Tessa for a Sound Bath at a time when I was under severe stress and my nervous system was in a state of collapse. When I experienced the harmonic sounds of Tibetan bowls, bells and other mysterious instruments, my nervous system calmed completely for the first time in a long time. With each subsequent visit, I found myself sinking deeper into myself and emerging at the end of the session feeling deeply rested. t’s not only the instruments or the lovely space Tessa works in; it’s also Tessa’s own warmth, her joie de vivre, and her interest in only the best for you. 

We are not our minds; we are energy constantly interacting with other energies; so exposing ourselves to the pure harmonies of the universe can only uplift us.”

Finn O’Gorman – 2013

Tessa’s holistic qualifications include:

Diploma in Sound Therapy through the Colour of Sound Institute, accredited by British Complimentary Association (BCMA)

Chakra Frequencies & Healing Sounds CPD – with Jonathan & Andi Goldman (Healing Sounds, Colorado)

Kirtan (Introduction to the Practice & Phillosphy) CPD – with Dave Stringer

Advanced Shamanic Practitioner

EFT Master Practitioner – (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Emmet Technique – Modules 1 & 2

Laughter Yoga Leader

Community Walk Leader

Fitness Instructor – Level 2

Combined Energy Healing Modalities

Tessa’s business qualifications include:

Level 4 – Business Management – Liverpool John Moore’s University (LJMU)

Level 7 – Advanced Coaching and Mentoring Award –  Charted Institute of Personal Development (CIPD)

Level 7 – Executive Management Award – Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).

Memberships:  The Sound Healers Association, Association for Coaches, Training for Women’s Network and Women in Business, Charted Institute of Personal Development (CIPD) and Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

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