posted on
Oct 24th

The Healing Tones of Crystal Bowls: Heal Yourself with Sound and Colour by Renee Brodie

The sounds of the Crystal Bowls have been used successfully for deep relaxation and relief of pain.

In response to many requests from readers of Renee’s first book, The Healing Tones of Crystal Bowls , this companion CD was designed specifically for these purposes.

Listening to the Crystal Bowls through speakers (not just headphones) enables the vibrations to be felt not only by the auditory system, but also by all parts of the body. Sometimes you can feel the vibrations of different bowls in different parts of your body.
The CD begins with an introduction and the tuning of the Bowls. Then the Bowls are sounded individually beginning with the largest Bowl (the C note for the Red Root Chakra), and continuing up the scale sounding a Bowl to correspond with each chakra.

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