What is Sound Therapy?

What is Sound Therapy

What is sound therapy?

It’s a form of vibrational medicine that helps to balance all aspects of your being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

When you’re out of balance, that’s when aches, pains, illness and disease occur. So by fine tuning your system with sound, balance is restored, which in turn activates your body’s natural healing mechanisms.

“As a Support Worker for NIAMH (Northern Ireland Association of Mental Health) I contacted The Sound Healing Spa to work with some of our service-users. The participants were a bit suspicious at first but any concerns were soon put to rest. I was impressed by the professionalism of both the facilitators and they quickly established a connection and rapport with the group. All who took part were very positive about the experience. The atmosphere in the room was transformed with the ‘sound bath’ with participants looking visibly more relaxed at the end of the session. I can recommend this organisation wholeheartedly and wish them all best in their future business.”

Ivan Kehelly – NIAMH


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