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Sound Bath Meditation

Date: Sunday 9 August 2020

Time: 19.30 - 21.00


A Sound Bath experience provides a space for you to learn more about the concept of Sound as a tool for transformation, in a safe environment.

It will also provide the opportunity for those who have experienced it before to return yet again for a feeling of deep relaxation, using a range of wonderful Sound Healing instruments.

During this session Tessa Ann from The Sound Healing Spa will introduce you to the effects that different types of musical and sound instruments can create for you personally.

The instruments played will include crystal singing bowls, tibetan singing bowls, gongs, drums and percussion instruments and voice.

This sessions will include sound, mindfulness and relaxation techniques.

This meditation will be delivered with the intention of raising vibration, to help lift the spirit, relax and many other benefits that may come from that.

Please make yourself comfortable in the way that best suits you:

On a mat, on a chair, with a blanket, yoga mat, cushion and a glass or bottle of water to keep beside you.

You can enjoy this session at home in a quiet space, with your loved ones, your children or your friends.

*Listen with headphones if possible, or a sound system if listening with others. As listening through a mobile device may not create the desired effect.

You are invited to create your own comfortable space.

*Information how to connect will be sent to you by email 2 days prior to the event.

*The recording will be available for you to listen to for 3 days after the event.

Booking can be made through the 'Book Now' button below:

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