Benefits of Therapeutic Sound

Therapeutic Sound as a personal practice and the potential benefits




Therapeutic sound may also be referred to as sound healing or sound therapy.  It is a form of vibrational healing or vibrational medicine.


It can be experienced in many different environments, as part of a group, as a one to one complementary therapy, or as self-practice to reduce stress and improve overall well-being whenever needed.

Sound is said to be the fundamental nature of reality, with the idea that every form (animate or inanimate) has its own unique vibrational frequency.


Sound can be used as a therapeutic practice to help create a feeling of balance and a sense of wellbeing on the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual aspects of ourselves.


When we talk about feeling out of balance aches, pains, illness and disease may be experienced in the body.


The practice of Sound therapy uses sound vibration to help relax and reduce stress in the body. In turn it is easier for the body to work towards achieving an equilibrium through the activation of its own natural healing mechanisms.


Clinical trials have shown that the use of therapeutic sound may help relieve:


Chronic pain

Hearing difficulties




High blood pressure

Recovery from operation and much more.

The use of therapeutic sound promotes relaxation, balances the brain’s hemispheres and improves overall well-being.  As well as easing specific areas of discomfort.

'The practical application of therapeutic sound has been beneficial for many clients I have worked with over the years.

Through this work I have documented many of their experiences, as a way to support further research and development, of sound as a therapeutic practice.'

Tessa Ann

The Sound Healing Spa

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