The Therapeutic Sound Academy, founded by Tessa Ann from The Sound Healing Spa, offers a range of therapeutic sound / sound therapy courses from introductory workshops, to CPD courses, Level 1 Certificates, Level 2 and Level 3 Diplomas.


Through your learning journey with the Therapeutic Sound Academy you will explore your own personal connection with sound and learn how to incorporate sounds with your professional practice.


You also have the opportunity to progress on the path to becoming a Therapeutic Sound Practitioner through our Diploma courses.

You can book on to one of our scheduled courses, or alongside these we offer a rolling programme so that you can enrol at anytime.

Courses are designed to be as flexible as possible to suit your learning and time requirements.

Courses are personalised to suit YOU and the direction YOU wish to take with therapeutic sound.





This course takes you through a process exploring therapeutic sound for personal development; working with others and enhancing your current professional practice or delivery. 



Learn basic playing techniques of Tibetan singing bowls.

Play Tibetan singing bowls for you own self-practice and personal well-being.

Share your sounds with friends & family.




Become a Therapeutic Sound  Practitioner.

Learn and explore how to share your sounds with 1-2-1 clients & groups.

Set-up your own therapeutic sound business.

The application of therapeutic sound can enhance many careers/professions including:

Yoga Teacher; Therapist; Counsellor/Coach; Energy Work Practitioner; Shamanic Practitioner; Dancer; Musician; Performer; Music Producer; DJ; Artist; Vocal Coach; School Teacher/College Tutor; Laughter Yoga Practitioner; Care Worker; Mental Health Practitioner;

It can be used as technique for personal development or to improve productivity and communication with your staff team or group.

Contact Tessa Ann to discuss how these therapeutic sound courses & workshops may be tailored to suit your requirements.


Director / Teacher

Tessa Ann has worked in the areas of sound, music and personal development for over 20 years.

Having founded the Beat ‘n’ Track Music Education Centre Northern Ireland in 2003, she has delivered various music programmes and events, through which she has mentored and inspired individuals of all ages and walks of life to pursue their dreams in music.

Working with sound in a positive way is important to Tessa Ann and due to this she brought a new aspect to her work, through

‘The Sound Healing Spa’ in 2013

Through 'The Sound Healing Spa she now delivers a range of Sound Therapy sessions to individuals and groups and provides the sound spa experience at festivals and events. 

As a Yoga and fitness teacher, Tessa also combines her work with sound through movement in the areas of Yoga and dance.

As a DJ and Music Producer, Tessa also combines her work with sound with these mediums.

"Sound is such an accessible medium and be utilised in many creative ways.  Many types of creative projects, practices & professions can be enhanced by the addition and application of therapeutic sound".

"Sound has helped me personally through many trials and tribulations, both in my health and personal life.  For me it has been a constant source of support".

"It is very much a personal development tool and I believe it is so important to understand your own personal connection with sound, before sharing sounds with others".

Tessa Ann holds a Diploma in Sound Therapy and Advanced Coaching & Mentoring and she is an experienced therapeutic sound practitioner, teacher & artist. 

She is the Director of the Therapeutic Sound Academy and currently represents the Sound Healing Academy as an Associate Teacher in Northern Ireland.

Tessa Ann offers a rolling programme of Sound Therapy training courses both online and in person, so you can join at any time.


You can chat with Tessa Ann regarding the most convenient way for you to learn and participate in sessions.


One to one support and coaching is offered throughout your training. 

Tessa Ann personalises these courses to suit you and the direction you wish to take with therapeutic sound.

The Therapeutic Sound Academy is accredited by CHP & CPD:

Tessa Ann is also an Associate Teacher in Northern Ireland for the:

The Sound Healing Spa

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